William RenseGrowing up in a highly educational environment, William Childs Rense, PhD, started weather as a hobby, with his earliest childhood memories starting with weather factors. Prior to retiring in 2004, he began his professional career instructing at the University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette in 1968, remaining in this position for two years. He then moved up the ranks to assistant professor from 1973 to 1980. Following this, Dr. Rense went on to serve as a professor of geography and earth science at Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania from 1980 until his retirement.

In preparation for his professional career, Dr. Rense pursued a formal education at the University of Southern Louisiana, earning a Bachelor of Arts in 1967 and a Master of Arts in 1969. He then attended Oregon State University, where he attained a PhD in physical geography in 1974, which he considers a major highlight. Dr. Rense also served three years as the chairman of the promotion committee on his campus. Not all of Dr. Rense’s accomplishments have been commended with awards and accolades. Notably, he helped steer a student struggling with a drinking problem and poor gradess in the right direction. Various treks that he has taken to mountain ranges, particularly the Himalayas and the Karakoram mountains of Asia, have also been highlights for him.

Now that he is retired, Dr. Rense is doing a lot of traveling. He takes advantage of it now because he does not know the future and he does not know if it will be impossible to travel. Outside of his professional achievements, Dr. Rense has authored numerous papers in his field and contributed an article to the World Book Encyclopedia. He also maintains affiliation with the Association of American Geographers, the American Water Resources Association, the Pennsylvania Geography Society and the Rocky Mountain Hydrologic Research Center.

What separates Dr. Rense from others in his field is that he has had a broad overview of life and situations. He would like to be remembered by his peers as someone dedicated to academics, including teaching, research and discoveries, and educating students.

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